How to set up ICE on Samsung Gusto

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ICE Contacts are designated contacts within the phone who will be contacted on behalf of the user in case of emergency. Users are able to identify three contacts on the phone as their emergency contacts – and also outline detailed personal information that emergency workers might need, such as drug interactions, allergies, or pre-existing medical conditions.

To set ICE up:

  1. Press Contacts > In Case of Emergency. The ICE Contacts screen will appear.
  2. Select Contact 1. Choose either From Contacts or New Contact. For this example, choose From Contacts.
  3. Highlight the desired contact from the phone’s contact list and press OK.
  4. Repeat these steps for the following two contacts.

If you want to set up detailed medical information, select Personal Info. The user can input data by selecting Note 1. Enter information and press Save. Enter in two additional items, if desired, by selecting Note 2 and Note 3.