Samsung ATIV Odyssey (Samsung SCH-i930) Icons & Symbols

Here is some of Icons used on Samsung ATIV Odyssey (Samsung SCH-I930) Smart Phones.

Is the Samsung ATIV Odyssey your first Windows Phone 8 OS based smart phone? You might feel confused with some icons. Do no worry, we collect some of the icons used on Samsung ATIV Odyssey (Samsung SCH-I930). If you found some strange icons, please share with us.

Samsung ATIV Odyssey (Samsung SCH-i930) Icons & Symbols

icon.heart.en A heart icon.

When the Battery Saver is on, you will see a heart icon over the battery icon.

icon.bingeye.en Vision icon

Within BingĀ®, you can tap the Vision icon and then scan a book, CD, DVD, or barcode to search for a product online. Bing Vision also translates scanned text

icon.resizearrow.en sizing icon
Used for changing the size of the tile.

icon.magnifying.en Search soft key
The Search soft key provides direct access to BingĀ®.

icon.unpin.en Unpin icon

To delete the Now tile, touch and hold it until it pops up and away from the rest of the tiles, and then tap the Unpin icon

We will update the list of icons, symbols, buttons & Keys Used on Samsung ATIV Odyssey Cell Phone.

Keep tuned!